Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

Whether you are facing a serious assault charge or have been arrested for a drug crime — whether you are a college student stopped by police for drunk driving or military member accused of domestic violence — the Colorado Springs criminal defense lawyer who aggressively protects your rights is former prosecutor David W. Foley of The Foley Law Firm in Colorado Springs.

David W. Foley is an experienced, aggressive former prosecutor who has the other team's playbook. He knows what prosecutors will do even before they do it. He knows the inner workings of Colorado drug courts, HEALS courts, mental health courts and veterans courts. He is dedicated to safeguarding your interests at all times, in and out of court — and helping you to avoid harsh punishments.

The Foley Law Firm represents a broad range of criminal defense clients in El Paso County, Colorado and surrounding counties. We take the time to listen carefully to your account of what happened, answer your questions, explain your legal options and develop a strategy to help you resolve your legal issue.

Contact Mr. Foley today for a free initial consultation. Our skilled defense attorney can meet with you at a police station, courthouse or jail if you have been arrested.

Colorado Criminal Law Attorney Serving The Pikes Peak Region

At The Foley Law Firm, David W. Foley gives you the benefit of his 15 years of trial experience, track record of success and attentive personal service if you are a first-time or repeat offender charged criminally with:

You receive in-depth investigation of circumstances surrounding your arrest such as illegal search and seizure by police, a coerced confession or entrapment — or any other way that your rights may have been violated. Our defense attorney has harmonious relationships with the prosecutors he speaks to in negotiations on your behalf. But we always prepare your case as if it is going to the courtroom, where Mr. Foley gives persuasive presentations that "connect" with judge and jury alike.

David W. Foley Has The Other Team's Playbook — Contact The Foley Law Firm

Contact us by phone at 719-377-4024 or click here to email us. Our experienced defense lawyer is a knowledgeable former prosecutor — he can help you.