Child Custody Lawyers Protecting Your Parental Rights

The family law court will use a number of factors to determine what your child's best interests are and how those will best be carried out post-divorce and by whom. Not everything needs to be left up to the judge, though. Reaching an agreement on child custody outside of court can be instrumental in making sure that your interests are also respected in the final divorce decree.

What Are Children's Best Interests?

Colorado law covering parenting issues no longer uses the term "child custody". Rather Colorado Revised Statute 14-10-123 uses the term "parental responsibilities". This seemingly small change has significant implications. In your case, the judge may consider:

  • Who has been the primary caregiver of the child?
  • Who will continue to reside where the child goes to school?
  • What is the relationship history between each parent and the child?
  • Who is capable of making decisions about the child's education, religion and health care?
  • Whose home is safest and most suitable for a child?

Advocating For A Favorable Custody Decision

Part of the child custody agreement is putting together a parenting plan, which includes a visitation schedule or parenting time for the parent who doesn't have primary physical custody of the child.

In most cases, parents split legal custody (decisions about education, religion, health care and more), while one parent is granted physical custody. We will passionately advocate for your best interests and ensure that your parental rights are protected.

Child custody cases in the Colorado Springs area often involve our attorneys with military divorce issues. We are familiar with helping our military family clients sculpt agreements that make sense for a military lifestyle and handling difficult decisions when a parent receives PCS orders to relocate.

We also represent grandparents who have been heavily involved in children's lives. Grandparents' rights are growing stronger in Colorado, and we can help you secure the custody rights that you deserve.

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