Skilled Military Divorce Representation In Colorado

We serve members of the military and military spouses in divorce cases throughout the Colorado Springs area. Whether you are stationed at Fort Carson, Cheyenne Mountain, Peterson Air Force Base, the United States Air Force Academy or Schriever Air Force Base, our attorneys can assist you in protecting your assets, parental rights and future.

Do You Need A Civilian Attorney In A Military Divorce?

The short answer is "yes." You might have found that JAG officers can advise you on family law issues, but your divorce proceedings will go through Colorado civilian family law court, so the counsel and representation of an attorney who has years of experience in family law courts is essential to your best possible outcome.

Although, you have several aspects of your case that are specific to military service members, all divorce cases must go through the same legal process in Colorado.

Experienced, Accountable Military Divorce Attorneys In Colorado Springs

At The Foley Law Firm, we understand how the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (SCRA) will affect your unique case. We can help you when you or your ex-spouse receives PCS orders and must relocate. Your custody agreement can be modified, and we will help you protect your parental rights and relationship with your children.

Divorces involving military service members from any branch, including the National Guard are clearly different than civilian divorces, but our attorneys are familiar with the complex issues presented by military pensions, retirement accounts, relocations, military pay and child custody rights during periods of military deployment.

We'll help you evaluate, negotiate, mediate and litigate for fair agreements involving:

  • Basic allowance for housing (BAH)
  • Basic allowance for subsistence (BAS)
  • Hostile fire pay (HFP)
  • Military pension division
  • Temporary disability retired list (TDRL) payments
  • Permanent disability retired list (PDRL) payments
  • Combat-related special compensation (CRSC)
  • Concurrent retirement and disability pay (CRDP)

Each of these will affect your child support, spousal maintenance and property division agreements, and it pays to work with a lawyer who will fight for your best interests, even in areas in which agreements are mostly determined by formula. We will advocate for your best possible resolutions in all areas of your divorce case and ensure that your rights are protected.

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