Strengthening Your Grandchild Custody Rights

Our lawyers bring over 20 years of combined litigation experience to your case. Located in Colorado Springs, we serve clients throughout the Pikes Peak region who have had significant involvement in their grandchild's life or are seeking custody or visitation rights under any of the following or similar circumstances:

  • Parents are unfit to care for the child (substance abuse or child abuse)
  • Legitimate concern for the child's welfare
  • The child will benefit from a relationship with grandparents

Grandparents often come to our firm seeking legal help when a child's parents are attempting to cut grandparents out of the relationship with their grandchild. In some cases, unfit parents will view grandparents as a threat to their own custody. They should if they are truly unfit to parent.

The Stronger Voice Of Grandparents In Colorado

Grandparents' rights to child custody and visitation are steadily improving in Colorado. If you have played a significant role in the life of your grandchild for at least one year, it is likely that we can make a strong case for custody modification.

If you have been caring for your grandchild on a regular basis, taking him or her to school, activities, doctor and dentist appointments; feeding him or her; providing a safe home environment for him or her — you have been playing a significant role.

Our grandparents' rights attorneys can help you enforce and protect your rights in the best interests of your grandchild even if his or her parents show up out of the blue, demanding physical custody or involvement in the child's life.

It is critical to speak with an experienced family law attorney who can vigorously advocate for your case in court and enforce orders. Traditionally, grandparents have had very few rights concerning child custody and visitation, but we can help you convince the court of your grandchild's best interests.

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