Ask Our Lawyers About Property Division In Your Divorce

It is important to understand how your assets will be divided once your divorce is finalized. Common misperceptions include thinking that all assets will be split 50-50 down the middle or that one spouse will be able to take the other "to the cleaners," especially if there has been infidelity. Many people are surprised to learn that infidelity is not a factor in property division.

What Is Property Division Based On?

Regarding property division in a divorce, Colorado law follows the concept of equitable distribution, which is meant to fairly divide property and debts between the parties. Coming to an equitable distribution agreement involves several factors that you may not have thought about, including:

  • Child custody and parental responsibilities
  • Child support agreements
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Contributions to the marriage
  • Contributions each party made in acquiring marital property
  • Marriage length
  • Standard of living during marriage
  • Age and health of each party
  • Income and employability of each person
  • Whether the property in question is marital property or not

How Will Our Attorneys Help You Protect Assets And Interests?

Based in Colorado Springs, our family law attorneys handle property division negotiations in divorce cases throughout the Pikes Peak region. Property division isn't just about assets. It's about your future and your kids too. Deciding which spouse will hold primary physical custody and who will keep the marital home will affect your property division agreement significantly.

Our attorneys advise our clients on the best courses of action and on how to best negotiate for the assets they most want to retain or protect. The important thing is to minimize tension and any sort of adversarial atmosphere. Despite your divorce, you and your ex-spouse will have some sort of relationship in the future, especially if there are children involved. We hope to help you make that relationship as amicable as possible.

We help you fully evaluate all assets and debts for equitable division, including:

  • Retirement accounts and pensions
  • Stock options
  • Real estate
  • Insurance policies
  • Business assets and debts
  • Mortgage debt
  • Credit card debt
  • Tax debt
  • Other loans and personal property

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