Considering A Relocation? You Must Seek A Modification First.

At The Foley Law Firm, we serve clients throughout the Pikes Peak region, including many military service members who are often required to relocate on PCS orders. Military families usually have an easier time modifying child custody agreements than civilians do because of the nature of their employment, which may involve deployment overseas.

Guidance In Rough Waters — Advocacy For Your Position

Relocation will almost always involve child custody modification, which is not a simple thing to do unless your case meets several quite restrictive criteria. Civilians face different standards than military personnel and different standards than when the child custody agreement was initially formed during the divorce process.

Children will become settled with family, friends and school, and the family law court will often consider it unhealthy or not in children's best interests to relocate even out of a school district when a parent wants to move.

What Will The Family Law Court Consider In A Parental Relocation Request?

It is effectively a request for child custody modification. Your visitation schedule and parenting time will certainly change if you or your spouse wants to move. The family law judge will evaluate your child's best interests along with your case for relocation, which must be very strong if you are the one requesting modification.

Considerations weighed by the judge will include:

  • The reason for the move
  • Objections to the move
  • Quality of life impacts to the child
  • Relationships of each parent with the child
  • How each parent will be able to participate in the child's life

The court will not tolerate manipulation of the child, and this is not a tactic that we employ. Our parental relocation attorneys have over 30 years of legal experience in Colorado Springs and surrounding county courts, and we know that authenticity, honesty and a well-prepared case will set you up best for negotiations and court hearings.

We thoroughly prepare to protect your relationship with your child and ensure that your custody agreement best reflects the needs and goals of you and your child.

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