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All you need to know about sexting

Sexting has become a common problem for parents and educators over the past five-plus years. As more and more kids get smartphones at younger ages, they are opened up to the entire world. Sexting is an activity that millions of people partake in on a daily basis, many of whom are in relationships and do so with their significant other or spouse. Today, we will explain sexting.

So, what is sexting? Sexting is an activity where two or more people share nude photos or other suggestive materials via text message. Many sexting issues that reach the courts deal with the sharing of nude photos by one person who received them and did not have permission to share them.

Explaining plea negotiating in Colorado

Being charged with a crime in Colorado is not the end of the road for your freedom. You will be able to work with a defense attorney from the minute you are processed at the police station through to the end of your case. A common method used to help keep people out of jail or to acquire a shorter sentence is that of plea bargaining.

There are three areas of plea bargaining that attorneys use to help their clients. The first of those is charge bargaining. This includes the bargaining of the different charges that the defendant will face when appearing in court. For the most part, if the defendant pleads guilty to a lesser charge, the prosecutor will usually drop the higher charge.

Colorado to expand its 320 Movement to prevent stoned driving

The Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), the marijuana industry and Lyft have teamed up to provide discounted rides to individuals who are high on marijuana. The effort was initiated to help decrease instances of "stoned driving."

The three organizations have announced their commitment to continue discounted rides through April 2018 as a part of their 320 Movement. The 320 Movement began last March, with the goal of educating people who enjoy recreational marijuana about the dangers of driving while high. Lyft has painted 17 vehicles green and featured a message that says "Plan a ride before you're high" on the sides of the cars. They chose to create a fleet of 17 cars because in 2016, 17 percent of all DUI arrests involved drivers who were high on marijuana.

Can I get in trouble for doing graffiti?

Drive through any downtown area in Colorado and you may see a wide variety of graffiti painted on walls, the sides of businesses and beneath overpasses. There are many people who consider graffiti to be an art form, but there are at least as many who think graffiti is unsightly and a destruction of property.

Whether you face criminal charges for spray-painting your work for the rest of the city to see can depend on the location you choose for your public canvas and local laws.  Here, we discuss the two most common ways graffiti is handled in many cities across the United States.

Explaining protective orders in Colorado

Seeking a protective order in Colorado is not as difficult as some make it out to be. Protective orders are legally binding documents that help to protect those who seek the order against others in their lives. In today's post, we will discuss protective orders in Colorado and what they entail for those seeking protection.

For the most part, protective orders are issued to protect spouses who have suffered abuse and for exes who have been abused by former spouses. These orders can also be issued by the courts to protect children involved in these situations as well as helping to keep stalkers from their victims.

How can I hunt for a job with a criminal background?

Are you getting ready to look for a job? Do you have a criminal past? If you answered yes to both of these questions, you're likely worried about the end result.

You might be thinking that it's not even worth your time to try to find a job. This is the first mistake you are making. You need a job to survive, so don't let your past get in the way. Here's how you can hunt for a job with a criminal past.

What counts as a deadly weapon?

You have probably heard of criminal charges such as "assault with a deadly weapon" or "menacing with a deadly weapon." When you hear the term "deadly weapon," you may instinctively think of a rifle or grenade. While those certainly do count as dangerous weaponry used for violent purposes, the definition of a deadly weapon does not stop with them. 

In fact, according to Colorado gun and weapon laws, virtually any object, device, substance, material or instrument could be a dangerous weapon if used in a violent or threatening manner. Read more for examples of deadly weapons. 

What to do if you fail a field sobriety test

-Being pulled over is nerve-wracking enough. Being pulled over for suspicion of driving under the influence can be even more stressful. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you've been pulled over and the officer is preparing to initiate a field sobriety test, you will want to be prepared in the event that you fail the test.

If you ever fail a field sobriety test and are arrested for DUI, you should document everything from that traffic stop immediately. The information could help in your defense. You should write down the name of the officer, what you were wearing, where the traffic stop occurred, the time of day, the weather conditions and the traffic conditions. It's likely you will have trouble remembering all of this down the road.

The latest juvenile arrest statistics for Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Police have released the latest information relating to juvenile arrests in the area. There have been nearly 90 juvenile arrests each month in 2017 so far. Fortunately, this figure does not represent a major increase compared to the last five years' worth of data.

As for recent events, two 16-year-olds were arrested last week for attempted murder, relating to a shooting in September close to Doherty High School. Last week as well, police apprehended two 13-year-old boys who allegedly created a "hit list" that included staff members and students at Sabin Middle School. In addition, on a recent Wednesday night, a teenager was arrested outside Palmer High School after a shooting incident left a teen with critical injuries.

How do I recognize the signs of domestic violence?

Relationships are a special part of life. They involve significant others, family members, friends and acquaintances. Relationships can take an ugly turn when domestic violence and abuse is present. It can be difficult for victims of domestic violence to ask for help and to find the courage to leave. So, how do you recognize the signs of domestic violence in Colorado Springs?

The very first step in seeking help is recognizing the signs of an abusive relationship. The number one, most telling sign, is that you live in fear of your spouse, partner or significant other. If you are always mindful of what you have to say in fear of starting an explosive fight, you are likely involved in an abusive relationship. If you worry about what your spouse will think when you are not home or how they will react to the slightest of issues, the relationship is a toxic one.

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