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How do Colorado drug courts work?

In many cases, people who commit drug offenses do so as a result of addiction. Colorado law recognizes that, in such situations, treatment can be more effective than punishment in preventing future offenses.

Certain defendants accused of drug possession who also struggle with addiction may be eligible to participate in Colorado's adult or juvenile drug courts. Taking this path can offer numerous benefits.

What happens when wealthy couples divorce

Very wealthy people in Colorado who divorce may have to go through a particularly complicated process of property division. The divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is one example although there are some differences since Washington is a community property state.

Bezos was married when he founded Amazon, so his wife will probably be able to claim 50 percent of the company unless the couple signed some kind of agreement in the past detailing how they would divide their property in the event of a divorce. In equitable distribution states, this could be half, or it could be 75/25 or even lower. A number of factors would be considered including how much time each person put into building up the wealth.

How military divorce differs from civilian divorce

If you are married to a member of the armed forces and you are now facing a divorce from your spouse, there are some key things you need to know. Military divorces have specific differences when compared to civilian divorces.

When you do not know how to approach these differences, you may be setting yourself up for the loss of potential benefits. It is crucial that you understand what is at stake so you can face your divorce proceedings with the most informed approach possible.

What could happen at a sobriety checkpoint?

Sobriety checkpoints are just part of life in Colorado. These stops are legal and law enforcement uses them to reduce the amount of drinking and driving on our roads. You might wonder what a checkpoint entails, as well as what it means for you if an officer stops you at one.

Law enforcement uses sobriety checkpoints to catch intoxicated drivers and get them off the streets. However, some question the fairness of these checkpoints.

Successfully handling retirement funds in a divorce

For couples who decide to divorce in Colorado and elsewhere around the country, retirement funds usually represent their largest assets. As a result, people may be especially concerned about how they will be divided, both for their future financial goals and avoiding unwanted and unnecessary taxes, penalties and other fees. If individuals do not follow the proper steps to divide their accounts, they could face substantial costs that could otherwise be avoided. These funds are already a contentious issue in many divorces. A survey of divorce lawyers found that retirement accounts, along with alimony and business interests, were one of the top three causes of conflict.

Even when both parties have arrived at an agreement for property division in the divorce, it is important to abide by regulations governing the division of retirement funds. For example, 401(k)s and other qualified workplace accounts, such as pension plans, can only be divided with a qualified domestic relations order (QDRO). While a QDRO is based on the terms of the divorce decree, the decree itself is not sufficient to divide this kind of account. Instead, an attorney must secure an additional court order that specifies the division of the funds.

Understanding the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine

When you face criminal charges in Colorado, you need all the help you can get. After all, a conviction could deprive you of your freedom for a substantial period of time.

In addition to retaining an experienced defense attorney, another thing that could really help you defend against the charges you face is the fruit of the poisonous tree doctrine. If you have never heard of this legal construct, you should familiarize yourself with it because it could make or break the case against you.

Parental alienation in the aftermath of divorce

As you may know, divorce can turn nasty with far-reaching consequences and effects. In cases with children, the ugliness typically increases ten-fold as parents battle it out in court in an effort to prove who is better.

Following a divorce, one parent may feel more animosity than the other. As a way to get back at an ex, one may begin influencing the children to have negative feelings toward the other parent. This cycle is a form of emotional abuse called parental alienation, and it may leave one parent's relationship in shambles.

PTSD, a domestic violence charge and your military career

An arrest on a charge of domestic violence will leave you with concerns on several fronts, including what a conviction could mean for your military career.

You may have returned home from combat overseas with a diagnosis of post-traumatic stress disorder. Could there be a link between this condition and the possibility of domestic violence?

Divorcing with jointly held debts

When Colorado couples decide to split up, they might need to take some additional steps to protect themselves if they have jointly held credit card debt. Some divorcing spouses may even try to get revenge by running up debt on the credit cards.

In the property division portion of a divorce case, the court will order that the debts be equitably divided between the spouses. While a divorce order may direct one spouse to pay for a jointly held credit card, the creditors will not be subject to the court orders. This means that a creditor can go after either spouse to collect the debt even if only one was ordered to pay for it.

How parents should address the holidays after divorce

After parents in Colorado divorce, they will have to decide what they and their children will do for the holidays. This can be a difficult decision for an ex-spouse to make because their judgment could be clouded by emotions such as sadness, anger or betrayal. Since children may also be feeling some of these same emotions, the holiday season could be especially challenging.

However, it is essential that parents put those feelings aside and focus on their kids. A parent might want to talk to a counselor or just to family and friends to deal with their emotions. They should not try to hurt the other parent by preventing their children from visiting both households during the holidays. Instead, an ex should encourage their children to enjoy their time with the other parent.

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