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How to defend against a stalking charge

Stalking continues to be a hot topic in the news all across the country. It has always been a crime, but has gotten more notice with the advent of social media and the ability to ''follow'' people online.

Being accused of stalking does not have to ruin your life. There are ways for you to defend yourself against those accusations and eventual charges in Colorado Springs.

Is driving with a BAC less than .05 still illegal?

While most states have a blood alcohol content (BAC) limit of 0.08 for driving under the influence, Colorado has stricter laws in place. Anyone operating a vehicle with a BAC between 0.05 and 0.08 can face arrest for driving while ability impaired. Additionally, many other countries in the world make it illegal for drivers with a BAC higher than 0.05 to drive a car. 

A common misconception is that it is perfectly alright to drive a car with a BAC lower than 0.05. You may assume if you blow a 0.04 on a breathalyzer you cannot face arrest. However, that is not necessarily the case. For example, people under the age of 21 cannot have any alcohol in their system. Commercial drivers are also held to a higher standard than most drivers. There are other instances where police can, in fact, arrest someone with even trace amounts of alcohol in his or her system. In the latter case, all a prosecutor has to do is show that the driver was not able to safely drive the vehicle.

Colorado Springs mailman arrested and accused of stealing mail

A mailman in Colorado springs was arrested and accused of stealing mail. Authorities allege that the accused mailman may have stolen 80 letters, which they say they found in his bag. Police claim that half of the stolen letters they found had been opened.

The arrest came as the result of a sting operation in which federal agents attempted to track down lost letters. Agents mailed letters that contained tracking devices to determine exactly where the letters were at all times. The transmitter allegedly showed that the accused mailman took the letter with the transmitter, carried it with him for the the entirety of his postal route, then went back to the postal station and brought it with him into his personal vehicle when he went home from work for the day.

What happens after you have been served with a protection order?

There are safeguards in place to protect victims of domestic violence against their abusers. However, if you are facing accusations of abuse but have done nothing wrong, these same precautions may cause you a great deal of grief and inconvenience. You may have been served with a protection order, which is a court order that Colorado residents can seek to protect themselves from someone they accuse of harming or threatening to harm them.

Understandably, you may feel upset after finding out your significant other has obtained a protection order against you. This can keep you from going home or seeing your children. It may help to know how to defend yourself and possibly have the order lifted.

The many faces of a murder one charge

The crime of murder one, in Colorado, is the most severe type of homicide charge. There are several ways in which one may commit a murder in the first degree.

The criminal code at section 18-3-102 provides the elements needed by the state to prove a person guilty of murder in the first degree. To obtain a conviction for first degree murder, the state must prove every element of its case beyond a reasonable doubt.

A Colorado Springs robbery spree ends with a suspect's arrest

Colorado Springs Police Department announced early in the morning on Friday, Dec. 29 that the man believed to have been responsible for several convenience store robberies earlier that day had been apprehended.

According to investigators with city's police department, the man reportedly first tried to rob the Kum and Go convenience store, located along North Carefree Circle. After leaving that store, he allegedly proceeded to visit the 7-11, with a location due south of the previous one on the same road.

Ski resort towns have some of the highest DUI arrest rates

The ski resort areas of Colorado, specifically the 5th Judicial District, boast some of the highest DUI arrest rates. It's hard to know if this is because the resort area is the drunkest part of the state or if it's because law enforcement is particularly strict about enforcing DUI laws. According to the police chief in Avon, it's probably a mix of both.

In the 5th Judicial District, which includes Clear Creek, Eagle, Summit and Lake Counties, you find over 100,000 permanent residents. The area has had 884 DUI arrests so far in 2014, which means that there is a DUI rate of 8.8 for every 1,000 residents. Looking at statistics over the last 10 years, the rate is 10 arrests for every 1,000 residents. This figure is higher than other areas of Colorado, where you find rates from between seven to eight DUI arrests for every 1,000.

Rebuilding your reputation following criminal charges

Being criminally charged in Colorado Springs does not have to ruin your life. Many people will find themselves back out in the free world not long after the charges have been filed for one reason or another. One of those reasons is that the charges are eventually dropped. Another reason is that the charges are reduced with the help of a criminal defense attorney. Here's how you can rebuild your reputation following criminal charges.

When trying to rebuild your reputation after being criminally charged you need to consider what your future self will look like. Determine who you want to be as a person moving forward, even if the charges were dropped. Determine how you want to be viewed by other people and focus on making that vision come to fruition.

Don't start 2018 off worrying about a DUI

Christmas and New Year's are just around the corner, which means plentiful parties and ample opportunities to enjoy spirits. Now is the time to take action to avoid having to answer up to a drunk driving charge. If you know that you are going to go to a party or gathering and drink, be sure that you make plans to avoid having to drive home. We are here to help you if something happens and you end up being arrested for drunk driving despite your careful planning.

If the event is at a friend's house or a family member's home, you might consider finding out if you can just stay the night. If the party is somewhere else, you need to either make plans to have a designated driver, use ridesharing services or take public transit to make it home. By making these plans now, you are setting yourself up for success.

Not all allegations of domestic violence are true

You and your spouse were recently in an argument, which is common for many couples. However, much to your surprise, law enforcement serves you with a protection order, despite not having laid a hand on your wife or children. You may be worried that authorities will show up intending to arrest you for domestic violence. This is a concern that you share with many other Coloradans after a domestic dispute. You may have done nothing wrong, but that might not prevent you from facing domestic violence charges based on nothing more than your spouse's accusations.

Wrongful domestic violence reports are disturbingly common, in fact. Authorities believe that each year, law enforcement falsely arrest up to 700,000 people in the U.S., and judges issue 1.5 million temporary protective orders based on untrue allegations of abuse. Being served with a protection order can force you out of your home and away from your children. You may not have the chance to tell your side of the story to a judge for several weeks until your hearing appointment to contest the protection order, and there is no guarantee the judge will believe you.

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