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Colorado increases DUI enforcement measures until May 14

Law enforcement officers in Colorado are cracking down on driving under the influence, running a new campaign that has been named "The Heat is On." It started on April 6 and will not end until May 14.

This is the second year in a row that the state has increased their efforts in the spring. Back in 2016, they caught 1,555 people who were driving under the influence. In 2017, the first year that the new campaign was used, they caught 1,958. That significant jump encouraged them to use it again in 2018.

Can you get arrested for drunk driving a horse?

When it comes to drunk driving charges, an infinite number of factual scenarios is possible. Nevertheless, most readers of this blog will agree that the following case takes the cake. Yes, to answer your question, you can get arrested for drunk driving a horse in Colorado and other areas of the United States. Several years ago, a man in Kentucky proved just that.

The 55-year-old man, who was trail-riding with friends not far from his home, decided to take a break along the trail. He told reporters that he had stopped to eat a few crackers when a sheriff's deputy showed up and asked him to dismount from his horse. Police alleged that the man was staggering while getting off his horse. However, the man alleged that it wasn't because he was drunk that he staggered, but because he had diabetes.

Common crimes committed on college campuses

Modern college students face a lot of challenges. Classes are stressful. Tuition costs -- and debt -- seem to get higher every year. Bullying doesn't end in high school, and it can make life harder for college students. The list goes on.

When students were asked in a survey about what issues they faced, though, it is interesting to note the criminal activity they claimed was happening. Looking at some of the main crimes they reported can help paint a picture of what college life is like and what potential charges students may face.

Do police ever mistakenly arrest the wrong people?

You got arrested, and you cannot believe it. Not only do you think you are innocent, but you have no idea what the police are talking about. You were not remotely involved in anything like what they claim you did. Even so, you're sitting in a jail cell after getting booked.

It sounds like a nightmare, but can it actually happen? Could you get arrested without doing anything that even closely resembles a crime?

Do I need a lawyer for a DUI charge in Colorado?

Colorado law enforcement takes driving under the influence, or DUI, seriously. A conviction on a DUI charge can result in a permanent criminal record. That is a consequence that can negatively affect your future career opportunities, and potential military and educational options.

If the police arrested you on a DUI charge, you need to fully understand the ramifications this charge and how you should best proceed in terms of defense. The first thing you may be asking yourself is whether you need a lawyer. Here is some information that can help you make that decision.

Arrested for drunk cycling

The reason we have DUI laws is understandable. An intoxicated person can cause serious injuries and property damage when in control of a vehicle weighing over a ton. However, many people do not realize cyclists can also face arrest for DUI for riding a bike while under the influence. 

Colorado's DUI laws for drunk cycling extend beyond motorcycles. Police can pull over people riding standard bikes who appear drunk, so it is best to not operate anything after you have had a few drinks.

Upset over being asked to sign a prenuptial agreement?

You are very much in love and cannot wait to marry your sweetheart. However, the other day, Sweetie came home and asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement. "It is nothing personal," Sweetie took pains to say. "It is so I can protect assets that have been in my family for years." However, you feel insulted. Of course you would honor Sweetie's desire to keep these assets in the family in the unlikely eventuality of a divorce. To you, this prenuptial agreement conveys that Sweetie finds you untrustworthy and is not interested in truly building a life with you from scratch. It is unromantic and insulting.

How do you get over this upset? Should you?

Colorado Springs man accused of DUI after crashing his vehicle

No one goes out at night planning to get arrested for a drunk driving charge. Nevertheless, DUI arrests happen every day throughout Colorado, and many of these arrests happen to Colorado Springs residents. In one recent arrest, a man was taken into custody after police say he was operating his vehicle at speeds in excess of 100 mph while intoxicated.

Police arrested the man last Friday on suspicion of DUI at approximately 3:45 a.m., after he called authorities and told them he was trapped in his vehicle. Allegedly, the man said that he has been stuck in his car for approximately an hour. Police found the man using their sirens and lights. Fortunately, they were able to extricate him from his car and quickly deliver him to a nearby hospital for medical treatment.

Man calls police for help, gets arrested for drunk driving

A man crashed his car in Colorado Springs, and the wreck was bad enough that he was trapped in his vehicle. After emergency crews got him out, police determined that he was under the influence and arrested him.

The call came in to police right around 3:45 in the morning. It was the alleged drunk driver, calling on a cellphone to tell officers that he had crashed his car. He was trapped inside, where he had been for roughly an hour. Unable to get out and finally deciding he had no choice but to seek help, he made that call.

What qualifies as stalking?

If you've been accused of stalking, you may feel stunned. You don't think you did anything to warrant those accusations, and you can't believe you're going to wind up in court over this.

In some cases, this confusion stems from the fact that people have a very narrow idea of what stalking really is, whereas the law defines it in broader terms. It is important to understand exactly what constitutes stalking in a legal sense. It may include things like:

  • Sending repeated communications that are deemed intrusive and unwanted. These could be made by cellphone, by email or by regular mail.
  • Following an individual or waiting for him or her to arrive at places you know he or she frequents, such as work or a favorite restaurant.
  • Sending gifts and presents, such as flowers, that are unwanted. This may fall into the realm of stalking when it happens repeatedly.
  • Communicating with and harassing a person online. Stalking can happen on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.
  • Damaging property that the other person owns, such as a car, or threatening to do so.
  • Making threats that involve people in that person's life, from friends to family members to the person him or herself. Threats may also be targeted at pets.
  • Searching out and gathering extensive personal information about the person. This may be done online, by talking to friends and family members, by contacting coworkers and in a variety of other ways.

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