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Colorado handyman arrested for burglary

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

Burglaries continue to be a big problem across the state. Often, the individuals involved in a burglary will force entry into a home that is in a rural area in order to avoid detection from neighbors and law enforcement. However, when Colorado police are called to the scene of a burglary, they are still able to rely on certain investigative techniques in their attempt to determine who was responsible.

A man was recently taken into custody after he was alleged to have broken into several homes. Police claim that the man was driving around less populated areas handing out flyers to advertise his handyman business. It has been alleged that the man used these flyers merely as a way to find homes that were not occupied so he could enter them undetected.

The man is alleged to have forced entry into the homes by breaking a window or the glass on an exterior door. Once inside, police claim that the man stole numerous items including a laptop and jewelry. It is not clear at this time when the man is set to be arraigned on the charges.

A burglary conviction can carry with it serious penalties. However, just because someone is charged with a burglary in a Colorado criminal court does not mean that they are actually guilty of the crime. In order to secure a conviction, prosecutors will need to provide solid evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that the person they have charged committed the crime. Given the lack of information in the current case, it appears that prosecutors still have a long ways to go, which may result in an acquittal if there is enough question as to the reliability of the evidence that they will present to a jury.

Source: The Gazette, Police arrest Colorado ‘handyman’ suspected of burglaries, No author, Aug. 31, 2013


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