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Colorado school bus driver accused of drunk driving

On Sept. 21, a school bus driver was driving a high school football team consisting of 37 students and 4 coaches to an area high school after a game. The passengers on the bus claim that the 57-year-old Colorado school bus driver was driving carelessly and hit a parked vehicle when the bus arrived at its destination. Police have accused the man of drunk driving.

Denver: criminal defense needed for pot use?

It seems difficult for some people, particularly those in public service, to resist their natural temptation to tell others what to do and how to live. Last year a majority of residents voted to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado. Now it seems that Denver's Mayor wants to complicate matters by introducing a series of restrictions that will strictly prohibit the use in certain locations and situations, and provide a severe criminal penalty for people who violate it, necessitating once again a criminal defense to marijuana use.

2 young Colorado men arrested in relation to burglary charges

Young people can often have the grave misconception that they are invincible. Especially when another friend is involved, adolescents can get themselves into a lot of trouble due to the incorrect mindset that they are untouchable. However, when charged with a crime, adolescents quickly realize just how serious the consequences for their actions can be. Two Colorado young men have recently been arrested in relation to burglary charges.

Colorado father arrested on child abuse charges

When there have been no witnesses to a crime, the wrong person could be accused of having involvement. Though evidence may suggest that a certain person had some sort of association with an offense such as child abuse, the suspect may be able to provide a strong defense that plants reasonable doubt. If an accused individual chooses to present a defense, there may be several strategies available to explore.

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