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November 2013 Archives

El Paso man accused of murder faces serious charges

A man whom El Paso police suspect was involved in the shooting of multiple people has recently been arrested. The El Paso County Sheriff's Office believes that the man shot three people, including his wife, at two separate houses during a crime spree. Two of the three people died due to their wounds. The man now faces serious charges related to his alleged involvement in the attacks.

Colorado Springs officer charged with drunk driving and tampering

A Colorado Springs police officer was recently arrested for multiple charges stemming from an incident involving a car crash last week. The Colorado Springs officer was allegedly drunk driving when he was involved in the crash. The officer has also been charged with tampering with evidence after the blood sample for his blood alcohol test went missing.

Army lieutenant charged with sex crimes; claims twin is to blame

The evil twin is a popular archetype in children's books, movies and television programs. Typically, the evil twin will do some sort of dastardly deed, and the hero is blamed for his twin's wrongdoings. However, for a decorated Colorado Army lieutenant accused of sex crimes, it is quite possible that his twin is actually the one who committed the alleged crimes.

Colorado sex crime: Youth pastor, church officials face charges

The general public typically expects church leaders to adhere to a higher standard of morality than most. When a church official is accused of a sex crime, he or she may be judged even more harshly in the court of public opinion. Such an accusation has the power to seriously damage the accused's personal and professional life, even if there is no conviction. A Colorado youth pastor now faces this situation after being accused of sexually assaulting a church member from the time she was 15. Five leaders in the church have also been charged for not reporting the crime.

Alleged domestic violence leads to charges for Colorado athlete

When a person is allegedly involved in some type of disagreement that may get out of hand, authorities may be called to assess the situation. In some cases, charges may be filed against a party involved that could come with serious penalties if the individual is found guilty. Domestic violence and kidnapping allegations are severe accusations to deal with, and knowing how to handle the situation could be prudent.

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