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Colorado woman arrested in pet door burglary scheme

On Behalf of | Dec 9, 2013 | Criminal Defense |

A 20-year-old woman has recently been arrested in connection with several home burglaries. Colorado police suspect that the woman entered the residences through pet doors until a homeowner supposedly caught her, restrained her and called the police. She has been charged with second-degree burglary.

According to the report, the woman is suspected of entering five residences between Oct. 18 and early Nov. through pet doors. Allegedly, she took small items of value from each of the homes including iPods and cell phones. Officers hypothesize that the woman must have entered the homes in the middle of the night then fled on foot. Police also suspect that the woman may not have been acting alone, and they are further investigating this possibility.

The woman was allegedly caught after recently entering a residence and waking up the homeowner. She supposedly tried to flee the scene, but the homeowner was able to catch and detain her, and the homeowner then called local police. The woman remains in custody on a $50,000 bond while police continue to investigate the pet door burglary schemes.

The woman faces serious charges of second-degree burglary, crimes against an at-risk adult, theft and criminal mischief. As the Colorado woman’s criminal proceedings continue, she will be faced with a variety of legal options regarding her specific burglary case from which she will have to choose. In order to make what she feels is the best decision, she would greatly benefit from gathering knowledge on these options so that she makes a more informed choice.

Source: Our Colorado News, Arrest made in Highlands Ranch pet-door burglary, Ryan Boldrey, Dec. 5, 2013


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