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Colorado Springs teen accused of sex crimes faces felony charges

An 18-year-old Colorado Springs resident faces multiple criminal charges after police reportedly had "probable cause" to arrest the teen. According to a media story about the teen's arrest, he faces multiple criminal charges related to sex crimes including using the Internet to lure a child, sexual exploitation of a child and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Advice for Colorado residents facing DUI charges

Individuals who are arrested for DUI are often ill-prepared to deal with the possible fallout. A DUI arrest and subsequent conviction can be costly in many ways and potentially result in an individual losing the respect of family members and friends as well as his or her drivers' license. What's more, a DUI conviction may result in the loss of employment, housing and, in some cases, one's very freedom. Regardless of the circumstances of a DUI case, there are a number of things those facing these types of serious criminal charges should do and keep in mind.

315 arrested on DUI charges during Super Bowl weekend

This past Super Bowl weekend, many Colorado residents attended parties to cheer on their beloved Denver Broncos. Unfortunately, the weekend proved to be life changing in a negative way for both members of the Broncos team and 315 Colorado drivers. This number represents those drivers who were arrested by police officers throughout the state for suspicion of driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol during Super Bowl weekend.

Nude selfie results in teen facing felony sex crimes charges

Young adults and teenagers have grown up during a time when information, including photographs, can be shared instantaneously via cellphones and social media websites. In many cases, however, these young individuals fail to realize the potential ramifications of their actions and may therefore share information or photographs that could potentially result in criminal charges.

Colorado man accused of stabbing coworker faces assault charges

A man was arrested after an alleged stabbing attack happened at a gas and oil well site near Greeley. The 34-year-old is accused of stabbing a 20-year-old coworker five times in the face and neck during an altercation. The Colorado man now faces charges of first-degree assault and attempted first-degree murder.

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