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College student found not guilty in rape trial

On Behalf of | Mar 30, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

Accusations related to sex crimes are serious and should be thoroughly investigated. In cases where an individual has been accused of sexual assault or rape it’s important to retain a criminal defense attorney who has successfully handled these types of cases and will work to defend an individual’s rights and present compelling evidence to dispute the prosecution’s claims.

For many college students, the four years spent obtaining a degree are also accompanied by nights of partying and drinking with friends. In instances where a night of partying ends with a sexual encounter, there may some confusion related to how events transpired.

A jury of 12 recently returned a not guilty verdict in a criminal trial in which a female college student accused a male friend of rape. After the verdict was delivered, one juror commented how the evidence that was presented during the trial did not sufficiently support the accuser’s claims.

During the trial prosecutors alleged that, after a night spent drinking, the defendant entered the woman’s unlocked dorm room and proceeded to have sex with the woman without her consent. Evidence presented by the defense, however, asserted that both students had been drinking and that the sexual encounter was consensual and simply “awkward, drunk college sex.”

The testimony of several witnesses also supported the defense’s argument including the woman’s roommate who said she was awake when the sexual encounter occurred and heard the two having what seemed to be consensual sex. Additionally, a friend of the woman recalled how the next morning the accuser casually mentioned the defendant had stopped by and the two had sex. An email from the defendant to the woman two days after the encounter in which he apologized for being drunk was also presented as evidence.

Remarking on the trial, one of the jurors stated that the evidence didn’t support the woman’s claims that the sexual encounter wasn’t consensual. He also commented about the seriousness of the allegations and how evidence must be “solid” and leave no room for doubt.

Source: Valley News, “Rape Trial Ends in Acquittal,” Sarah Brubeck, March 28, 2014


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