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Police seize meth, heroin; multiple arrested for drug possession

Police departments and federal agencies from Denver and Pueblo, Colorado, San Francisco and Albuquerque, including the United States Postal Service all recently worked together to bust a methamphetamine drug source in Southern Colorado.

Colorado legislators consider repeat offender DUI charges

A new bill that would increase the penalties for multiple-offense DUIs has advanced in the Colorado House. Legislators in the state passed the bill through the Appropriations Committee, which means it is on its way to being considered by the entire body of lawmakers. A representative from Colorado Springs, Mark Waller, is sponsoring the bill. Although he said the move was a positive step forward, he stressed the fact that the repeat offender law is still not close to being improved or implemented.

Firefighter may not have downloaded images found on laptop

Perhaps more than any other, allegations related to sex crimes have a devastating impact to an individual's life. Often, those accused of crimes such as rape and sexual assault are automatically deemed guilty by society upon arrest. In cases where an individual is accused of a sex crime and subsequently arrested, he or she would be wise to immediately contact a criminal defense attorney.

Colorado residents report marijuana profiling while traveling outside state

Lawfully, a police officer is not supposed to pull a driver over for no reason. It's very easy, however, for police officers to come up with an excuse for pulling a driver over when in fact he or she may have hidden motives. For years, police officers across the country have been accused of engaging in racial profiling, age discrimination and general stereotyping when pulling over drivers for seemingly no reason.

Colorado Springs businessman arrested for sex-related crimes

A Colorado Springs businessman was recently arrested by police on suspicion of his possible involvement in soliciting customers for prostitutes and human trafficking. The 76-year-old man owns and operates a spa in Colorado Springs. His arrest was the result of a lengthy investigation by federal and local law enforcement officials.

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