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Firefighter may not have downloaded images found on laptop

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

Perhaps more than any other, allegations related to sex crimes have a devastating impact to an individual’s life. Often, those accused of crimes such as rape and sexual assault are automatically deemed guilty by society upon arrest. In cases where an individual is accused of a sex crime and subsequently arrested, he or she would be wise to immediately contact a criminal defense attorney.

A 15-year veteran firefighter was recently arrested on child pornography charges. Police arrested the man after finding pornographic images of children on his personal laptop. Upon tracing subscriber information to the firehouse where the man works, police officers seized the personal laptop and the man was arrested and charged with both possession and dissemination of child pornography.

An investigation into this matter is still ongoing. In cases where pornographic images of minor-aged children are discovered on a laptop, police must be able to determine the identity of the individual who downloaded, viewed and shared the images. In this case, the man’s laptop was found at the firehouse where likely dozens of other firefighters would have been able to gain access to it. It’s wholly possible, therefore, that the images were downloaded and shared by someone other than the 47-year-old firefighter.

When investigating matters related to sex crimes involving children, police officers may be especially eager to ensure an individual is found guilty and locked up. As such, important details and evidence may be overlooked or disregarded. Additionally, information provided by the arrested individual may be misinterpreted or misconstrued. For individuals facing child sex crimes charges, it’s especially important to remain silent and to retain a defense attorney.

Source: The Chicago Tribune, “Suburban firefighter accused of having child porn,” Clifford Ward, April 12, 2014


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