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Colorado officer mounts criminal defense against game charges

A trial is slated to begin in the coming days in the case of a former Colorado police officer who shot and killed an elk in the midst of a municipality. The man must mount a criminal defense against allegations that he committed several felonies, including forgery, tampering with physical evidence and attempting to influence a public official. The former Boulder officer killed the elk 15 months ago, and the community has been in an uproar ever since.

Local school, organization teams up to fight domestic violence

Since domestic violence is a big problem throughout the United States, many educational institutions and organizations do their part in fighting against this. Recently, the Mesa County Domestic Violence Task Force and Colorado Mesa University teamed up to organize and carry out the 6th annual Domestic Violence Academy.

Alleged drunk driving accident injures 2

In northeast Colorado Springs, two people were sent to the hospital after a car accident. According to initial reports, the police suspect that the accident was caused by a drunk driver. In fact, the man who allegedly was driving under the influence was taken in to the El Paso County Jail, and he was booked for suspicion of DUI, along with vehicular assault and a few related misdemeanors.

Felony drug charges for 1 man, even though pot is legal

State law has decriminalized marijuana in Colorado, so that means that no one can get in trouble for using it, right? Not so fast; scores of residents in Washington are having to mount a criminal defense because the federal government is targeting them for drug offenses. Washington decriminalized pot around the same time as Colorado did, which is leaving some people fearing that additional raids could soon strike our state.

Denver DWI enforcement not what it used to be

People end up drinking and driving for a number of reasons. While this is never the right decision, some people continually get away with this crime. A recent examination of data from the Denver County court system regarding the number of DUI arrests in the area from 2008 to 2013 has revealed some interesting statistics.

Colorado's Internet sex crimes laws notoriously lenient

Are Colorado's laws governing sexual predators too lenient? Some investigators believe so, as many people convicted of sex crimes are allowed to serve probation instead of jail time for their Internet sex offenses. The problem, investigators say, lies in the lack of a legal infrastructure for punishing those who are accused of Internet violations. Even though federal regulations mandate jail time in many similar cases, the state system simply has not had the time to catch up with these relatively new technological developments.

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