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Colorado pastor facing new charges over sex offenses

On Behalf of | May 7, 2014 | Sex Crimes |

A pastor from Westminster who has been accused of sexually assaulting a teenager for more than three years has had more accusations levied at him from three other alleged victims.

The 51-year-old pastor has been charged with five new charges relating to sex offenses. These new charges include unlawful sexual contact and sex assault by one in a position of trust. A previous charge included sex assault on a child.

The alleged victims say they met the pastor at church. They are 19, 18, 13 and another juvenile of an undisclosed age. One of the alleged victims — the first — lived with the pastor and his wife for three summers and is now living in Wisconsin.

The pastor was supposed to have a preliminary hearing in early May; however, his attorney asked to postpone the hearing until they could adequately prepare to face these new charges. A new hearing is currently scheduled for the end of May.

The pastor seems to admit his guilt. As a part of the investigation, he allegedly told police, “You know, we all do things we regret.”

Although the pastor has six counts of similar charges against him from a number of victims, it’s important to remember that he is innocent until proven guilty in the court system.

If the pastor is found guilty or he chooses to plead guilty to the charges, an experienced attorney with experience in sex crime cases may be able to minimize any damage to his reputation. In addition, a legal professional may be able to build a strong defense on his behalf, giving him a better chance at a positive outcome.

Source: Fox 31 Denver, “Pastor faces new sexual assault charges, prosecutors say new victims come forward” Tammy Vigil, May. 02, 2014


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