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Local school, organization teams up to fight domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 25, 2014 | Domestic Violence |

Since domestic violence is a big problem throughout the United States, many educational institutions and organizations do their part in fighting against this. Recently, the Mesa County Domestic Violence Task Force and Colorado Mesa University teamed up to organize and carry out the 6th annual Domestic Violence Academy.

This two day event provides information on how to safely escape domestic violence situations. Along with this, it is meant to provide details on how this crime impacts the community as a whole.

According to coordinators of the event, one in three women have the chance of being a victim at some point in their life. For men, this number increases to one in ten.

One of the event coordinators added, “Housing is really difficult so when people step out of the house or out of domestic violen(ce) situations find(ing) affordable housing is really hard.”

Colorado Mesa University officials believe that this event, along with their partnership with the Mesa County Domestic Violence Task Force, will go a long way in bringing awareness to its many students.

The District Attorney’s office noted that through March of 2014, there were 34 domestic violence felonies and 110 misdemeanors.

There is no place in today’s world for domestic violence, however, some people find themselves making this mistake for one reason or another. While this may be a big problem in many areas of the country, as noted by the statistics provided by the District Attorney’s office, there are things that can be done to prevent this type of crime from taking place and to defend you if you feel you have been wrongly accused.

Source: News Channel 5, “How Domestic Violence Impacts the Grand Valley” Angelo Vargas, May. 07, 2014


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