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How do I qualify to have my serious charges sealed in court?

Did you know that anyone in Colorado is eligible to petition the courts to have their criminal records sealed? If you have a criminal past in the state, you do not have to endure ongoing discrimination and other negative consequences. In fact, even those who never had to mount a criminal defense -- perhaps they were just arrested -- can benefit from the sealing process.

A drunk driving arrest can go wrong

Colorado, just the same as every other state in the nation, looks down upon driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. There is never a good time for a person to drive under the influence, as this increases the chance of an accident. Even if the person is able to avoid an accident, he or she could get in trouble with the law, leading to a fine and possible license suspension among other penalties.

Potential sheriff in Colorado facing domestic violence accusal

In Adams County, Colorado, a man who is a sergeant with the police department has been trying to run for sheriff, an elected position. However, a new investigation over accusations of domestic violence may put a serious hurdle in his way. Apparently, these accusations come from his ex-wife.

Not all sex offenses require joining the registry in Colorado

For many different types of sex crime charges in Colorado, a conviction means that you need to add your name to the sex offender registry, but this is not a hard and fast rule that applies to all offenses. It is very important for anyone who is facing charges of this type to know if a conviction will mean that he or she has to register.

A criminal defense attorney can answer many questions

It may not be something you think about often, but there could come a time when you need to hire a criminal defense attorney. This could be the case if you or a loved one was accused of a crime. Either way, you know the legal system is complex and that your rights need to be protected at all times.

You are not in custody during a suspected DWI traffic stop

People in Colorado sometimes assume that they are in custody if they are pulled over by the police for operating a vehicle under the influence. However, this is not actually true. Rather than being in custody, you are simply considered to be "detained." So, what does this mean for your rights?

How do I invoke my right to remain silent after arrest?

"You have the right to remain silent." Anyone who has seen a cop drama knows those words by heart -- and if you have been arrested, you should have been read that statement as a part of your Miranda rights. Colorado criminal defendants have the right to refrain from talking to police officers as they are being taken into custody. They are also afforded the right to an attorney, who can provide them with additional information about their legal options. What do your Miranda rights mean for your criminal defense case? Today, we explore the implications of those rights upon the allegations you may be facing.

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