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Potential sheriff in Colorado facing domestic violence accusal

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2014 | Domestic Violence |

In Adams County, Colorado, a man who is a sergeant with the police department has been trying to run for sheriff, an elected position. However, a new investigation over accusations of domestic violence may put a serious hurdle in his way. Apparently, these accusations come from his ex-wife.

The statement that his wife put out showed up on Oct. 8. She said that both the divorce decree that the couple had obtained and the restraining order that she got against him back in 2010 — he had also gotten one against her within the week — showed that the man has a history when it comes to domestic violence.

Some people may assume that she is simply putting this information out now to make sure that he does not get elected to the position that he desires, but his ex-wife insists that she is not doing it for that reason. Instead, she has said that she just feels that the truth needs to be known.

In fact, she even pointed out that his not being elected could lead to her having to send him child support payments, based on him not having a job. She pointed to this as a reason why it is financially in her best interests to stay quiet but indicated that she didn’t feel that she could do so.

The police department’s spokesperson did seem surprised by the news, saying that they didn’t really know anything about the situation until the ex-wife contacted them. An investigation has begun.

When facing accusations of violence in the home, it is important for people to know what legal rights they have in order to ensure that those rights are always upheld throughout the process.

Source: Watchdog Wire, “CO: Adams County Sheriff Candidate Investigated for Domestic Violence” Jen Raiffie, Oct. 20, 2014


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