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Knowing your rights when facing charges for sex offenses

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2015 | Sex Crimes |

If you have been accused of sex crimes in Colorado, whether you are guilty or not, you must know what your rights are. For example, you have the right to refuse to talk to the officers who have brought you in or to any detectives who talk to you after that until you contact a lawyer. You don’t have to say anything, and you have a right to this legal representation. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

This is so important because even the accusation on its own can be detrimental; if you are then convicted, the impact of that could stick with you for the rest of your life. You may be ordered to put your name on the sex offenders registry and you then have to update that information whenever you move. This means that all of your neighbors can see that you are on that list if they so desire.

The ramifications, then, stretch beyond possible prison time. Even after you get out, the way that people look at you and regard you may have changed. You might struggle to find a job because your potential employers can find your name on the registry, as well. You may even be barred from certain public areas.

This is not something that will eventually go away — that you can escape from. It can follow you forever, so you have to make sure that you know your rights and that you understand all of the legal options that you have. If you’d like to learn more, take a look at our website as soon as you can.


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