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Police officer arrested for child abuse and domestic violence

On Behalf of | May 28, 2015 | Domestic Violence |

The Larimer County Sheriff’s Office recently arrested a 35-year-old police officer from Loveland, Colorado. According to the department, they believe that he committed child abuse and domestic violence, and he was arrested on suspicion of both.

The arrest happened on a Friday afternoon, at 4:23 p.m., but the department did not initially release the man’s name. They said that they did so because they felt it was helpful in protecting those involved, namely the woman who was the alleged victim and the children.

Since then, though, he has been named by local news sources, which have access to the public records. The news stations also pointed out that it is illegal for a police department to keep the name from the public.

Those records also indicated that the arresting officers simply went to the man’s home to pick him up. There does not appear to have been any conflict during this process.

The police stressed that they had probable cause to make the arrest, which may only result in misdemeanor charges, but that the investigation was still going on. In addition to the misdemeanor charges, the man could face an enhancement charge based on the alleged domestic violence.

The officer who was arrested had worked with the K-9 unit in the past. He had also served in the military as a member of the United States Marines.

Members of the police force have the same right to a fair trial that any other civilians would be offered if they were arrested. No matter the line of work, those who face charges must know their legal options.

Source: The Denver Channel, “Loveland police officer, Robert Croner, arrested on suspicion of domestic violence and child abuse,” Alan Gathright, May. 09, 2015


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