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Indicators of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2015 | Domestic Violence |

Sometimes, a domestic violence charge in Colorado Springs starts because someone outside of the relationship sees something that he or she believes is an indicator of such violence. Below are a few of the more common ones that are noted in these cases.

— A partner who looks at the other in an aggressive and threatening manner.– Put-downs, insults, and other remarks that are made frequently.– Verbal threats of violence or just the implication of violence.– Injuries, especially bruises, that do not seem to have an explanation.– The use of additional makeup to hide these marks.– Becoming withdrawn, not communicating with family members and friends in the usual way.– Missing a lot of work or school.- One spouse demanding that the other one always ask permission for normal things, like a day out with friends.– Changes in attitude, especially when they include common signs of depression.– Excuses that do not seem plausible, such as repeatedly excusing cuts or bruises as the result of uncommonly clumsy behavior.– Wearing long sleeves on hot summer days, perhaps to hide marks on the arms.– Not having cash, credit cards or any other types of funds.– Not having a car or not being allowed to use the family car alone.

While these things certainly can be signs of violence, they are not always tied to abuse and there could be perfectly reasonable explanations for any of them. If you’ve been charged, it’s important to know exactly what is being used as evidence so that you know how to design your defense strategy.

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