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Video: The Foley Law Firm can help you put your life back together

Legal matters can be challenging and stressful for anyone, especially if it is your first time dealing with the court system. Thinking about the unforeseen ramifications of a divorce or criminal case, alone, can make you feel like things are falling apart.

New bike theft prevention program at Colorado College

Bicycle theft is a more common crime than many people might realize. One place where this crime happens quite frequently is on college campuses. Students depend on their bicycles to get to and from class, work and just to have fun. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, a new police initiative is at work, and officers hope it will cut down on the number of bikes stolen -- and to find the people who are stealing them.

The line between discipline and domestic violence

It can be hard for some parents to know just how they should discipline their child. What a parent may think is fine could actually, according to some, be domestic violence. This was clearly on display in the case involving NFL running back Adrian Peterson, who said he'd just been disciplining his child like his parents did with him, though a court determined he had gone too far.

Failure to register as a sex offender lands man in jail

A conviction of a sex crime in Colorado usually means someone will have to register on the state sex offender registry. This can have an enormous impact on an offender's life, as there are many places he or she will not be allowed to go, live or work. This includes living within a certain distance from a playground or school. He or she will have to register a new address within a five days, report his or her new employment and report every 90 days to re-register.

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