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Effort to end statute of limitations on rape

In the state of Colorado, the statute of limitations for reporting a sexual assault is 10 years. There is no statute of limitations for sexual offenses against children under the age of 15. Rep. Rhonda Fields is planning an attempt to get rid of the statute of limitations on adult sexual assault. She plans on putting forth a bill to the legislation next year. This action is being prompted by the recent allegations against actor, Bill Cosby.

Do all crimes have a statute of limitations in Colorado?

When a crime is committed, many times there is a statute of limitations that applies. This means that the prosecution has a specific amount of time to charge someone with the crime. If the prosecution is unable to do so, then there will never be anyone convicted of the crime -- unless someone were to waive the statute of limitations. That doesn't happen very often, but it might occur in cases involving a plea bargain.

Do your charges qualify you as a sexually violent predator?

If you have been charged with sexual abuse criminal activity in Colorado, a conviction could land you on the Sexually Violent Predator notification list. Avoiding a conviction is the best way to stay off of this list, which could be detrimental to your future. It can affect where you live and where you work, as well as relationships. Your private information becomes public knowledge to the community you live in.

Video: Your future after divorce

If you are facing a divorce you may be afraid of the process and worry about the outcome. Because there is so much at stake, these feelings are normal. In addition to the division of property, if children are involved, custody could be at issue as well. You need someone who understands how you feel and can help you thorough the process.

Video: The impact of a DUI

Individuals throughout the Colorado Springs area are charged with DUI every day. If you are in this situation, finding a way to avoid jail time may be your main focus. The reality however, is there are multiple potential penalties you could face if convicted of the crime. Some experience a financial impact as well, in the form of fines or court costs.

Woman pleads guilty in DUI crash that killed her brother

When someone is killed because of the actions of a drunk driver, it is truly tragic. However, when the person who dies is the brother of the drunk driver, the tragedy is compounded. That is what happened to the brother of a 19-year-old woman who recently pleaded guilty to vehicle homicide in a Colorado court.

Video: What you need to know if you've been charged with a felony

If you are facing a felony criminal charge, and have never navigated the criminal justice system, you probably don't know what to expect. While your main focus may be on avoiding prison time, even the charge can have a negative impact on your life.

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