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Digital forensics: How is it being used?

Digital forensics is becoming more and more popular and useful to law enforcement when it comes to prosecuting sex crimes. What is digital forensics? Digital forensics is an analysis of a computer or electronic device's stored information. Even if information has been deleted by a user, forensics are often able to retrieve it through techniques and applications designed for this purpose. This allows officials in an investigation to figure out how, when and where crimes were committed.

Man will not get felony charges in DUI case

A man in Colorado was potentially facing felony charges after driving under the influence and crashing into two vehicles. According to reports, he got drunk the morning before the wreck by mixing coffee and vodka. This put his blood alcohol concentration right around .22 to .25, meaning he was well over the legal limit of .08.

Would you know what to do if you got pulled over for DUI?

Imagine driving away from the bar - or the game, or anywhere you might have a drink or two - and seeing flashing lights in your rearview mirror. Would you be able to think critically and plan your best course of action? Or would you be like most people and panic, inadvertently doing or saying something that ended up hurting your case?

Domestic violence charges: Can they be withdrawn?

If you are charged with domestic violence, can your alleged victim withdraw the charges? The short answer is no. Domestic violence is a criminal offense, and while the victim may have been asked, "Do you want to press charges?" and answered, "Yes," the charges were actually filed by the state. Therefore, the charge is for breaking the law -- not for assaulting or injuring the proposed victim.

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