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Man will not get felony charges in DUI case

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Drunk Driving |

A man in Colorado was potentially facing felony charges after driving under the influence and crashing into two vehicles. According to reports, he got drunk the morning before the wreck by mixing coffee and vodka. This put his blood alcohol concentration right around .22 to .25, meaning he was well over the legal limit of .08.

Driving over by Constitution Avenue and Circle Drive, the man slammed into two cars. The first was a Dodge Charger, which he hit in a rear end accident. After leaving that crash, he hit a Chrysler Pacifica from the back twice in a row.

That second accident significantly injured the woman driving the vehicle. Her forehead was cut in multiple places nearly to the bone, and she still has scars. For this, the man could have faced felony charges, but the jury determined that the scars did not leave the woman permanently disfigured, so they acquitted him.

The man will still face a host of misdemeanor charges for things like careless driving, reckless driving, causing an injury and driving while under the influence of alcohol.

Interestingly, the man does have a criminal history. Back in 1988, he took a .357 revolver and used it to murder his mother. He was a teenager at the time, but the nature of the crime led to adult charges. He seemed to be doing much better in prison, so he was let out early on parole in 2011.

When accused of driving under the influence, it’s important to note the different charges that can stem from the case and the way that some charges can be fought even when others are accepted.

Source: The Gazette, “Limbrick acquitted of most serious charge, guilty on others in Colorado Springs DUI crashes,” Jakob Rodgers, Oct. 01, 2015


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