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Students in hot water following discovery of sexting

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Sex Crimes |

A group of students at a Colorado high school is facing serious allegations after the discovery of a sexting trend. Authorities don’t yet know how many students were involved in the sexting, but they do report that the trend involved hundreds of nude or partially nude photographs. As students are identified, they will likely face very serious criminal charges.

Authorities report that they have several phones in their possession. One phone has hundreds of images on it, and law enforcement officials are seeking warrants and information so they can obtain and search other phones.

According to police, the students were using an app that hid the photos. To get to photos that were being sent from phone to phone, students had to go into an app that at first appeared to be a media player or calculator. By holding down certain areas and entering a password, students gained access to the photos.

A review of some of the photographs indicates that pictures were even taken on the school’s campus. At this time, some students have been suspended, and the school states it will continue to do so as students are identified as being involved in the issue. Authorities are also working to determine if there are any adults involved or if there are younger students who might have been coerced or forced into taking nude or suggestive pictures.

In October, we talked about some common charges facing juveniles. While sexting wasn’t covered in that blog post, it is a common activity among teens, who might not realize that sharing pornographic photos could be the grounds for criminal charges. Teens facing such allegations could also face serious sentencing — including jail time — so a strong criminal defense is critical.

Source: CNN, “Sexting scandal: Colorado high school faces felony investigation,” Michael Martinez, Nov. 09, 2015


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