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Month: December 2015

The cycle of domestic violence

There are many different types of domestic violence and abuse, from physical abuse to verbal abuse to financial abuse. However, no matter what type is being committed, experts say that it tends to go in a similar pattern. This is known as the cycle of domestic...

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Consequences of a DUI

What is so bad about having a DUI or DWAI conviction on your driving record? Aside from the fines and penalties, and even possible jail time you may have to serve, as long as you make sure it doesn't happen again, you can put it behind you, right? Wrong!If you plan on...

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Plea negotiations 101

If you have been charged with a criminal offense, your first step should be to find a good attorney to take your case. This should be done as soon as possible so negotiations on your case can begin at the earliest possible time. Your attorney can start looking not...

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