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The cycle of domestic violence

On Behalf of | Dec 17, 2015 | Domestic Violence |

There are many different types of domestic violence and abuse, from physical abuse to verbal abuse to financial abuse. However, no matter what type is being committed, experts say that it tends to go in a similar pattern. This is known as the cycle of domestic violence, and there are three phases.

The first phase begins before abuse occurs, as tension builds. People may find it harder to get along, they may grow frustrated with each other, and tension can often be felt just by watching them interact. Once it starts building, it can grow with a snowball effect.

The second phase is the actual assault or abuse. This is when the violence itself happens. The victim may try to fight back, but it’s been shown that this can just make things worse. The violence level may escalate. This phase could also include multiple types of abuse; for example, insults could be hurled, constituting verbal abuse, while a physical altercation is taking place.

The third phase is when things calm back down again. This is sometimes known as the Loving Phase. At this time, the person who committed the abuse may act remorseful, saying that he or she is sorry. Forgiveness may be granted. Commonly, the abuser will make promises and say that it was the last time.

However, after the third phase ends, tension can begin to build up, and the whole thing starts all over again.

Those who are accused of domestic violence may want to be familiar with this cycle as events are related in court, and they should know what rights they have in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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