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How do Colorado colleges see marijuana?

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2016 | Criminal Defense |

The Princeton Review is well known for its “best of” edition, which recently listed the best colleges to attend for students who love to smoke marijuana. There were 136,000 students surveyed from 380 colleges. The questions was “How wide is use of marijuana at your college?” Perhaps not unexpectedly, two of the top ten colleges are Colorado College and the University of Colorado at Boulder.

There has been a lot of arguments about how legalizing pot simply creates acceptance of a drug that federally illegal. Even before marijuana was legalized, many colleges saw gatherings and protests that targeted ending marijuana prohibition.

The University of Colorado at Boulder came in at No. 7 on Princeton Review’s “Refer Madness” list. In 2014, that university reported some statistics on marijuana use, including one that put student pot use at 32 percent. In addition, those students didn’t come to college using pot– many started during the first two years they were at college.

Colorado College, which was No. 9 on the list, released a statement, saying “All marijuana use is prohibited, even if the intended purpose is for medicinal reasons.”

Many college officials in Colorado denied claims by a pro-marijuana publication, High Times, that applications for colleges in the state surged when marijuana was legalized. What’s really interesting is that many colleges in Colorado want to grow their own marijuana so they can study its health effects.

If you have been charged for possessing a large amount of marijuana, it’s important to locate an attorney with experience in fighting this type of charge. Your criminal defense strategy needs to be strong and started right away.

Source: thecollegefix.com, “Going to pot: Colorado colleges up in smoke,” Michael McGrady, accessed April 06, 2016


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