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Man charged with second-degree assault with golf cart

Many golfers have gotten upset while on the course, but most instances don't go as far as felony charges. A 57-year-old man, though, is currently facing a felony assault charge after prosecutors say he struck another golfer on purpose with a golf cart in Denver, Colorado.

The alleged victim in the case told police that the defendant was blocking the course by sitting in the golf cart after he was finished golfing. An argument ensued and the man reportedly was struck by the golf cart traveling at full speed. The defendant allegedly continued towards the parking lot of the course.

The victim allegedly suffered a cut on his forehead that required stitches and bruised ribs.

One man who has played golf for 40 years says that he has seen people throw punches, head-butt each other and argue, but he hadn't seen anyone get run over by a golf cart before. He works for Patty Jewett Golf Course, which is in Colorado Springs and is one of the West's oldest public courses. He said, "It's public golf. People are crazy. What can I say? It's like road rage -- people just get upset."

The defendant has posted a bail of $5,000, and his next scheduled court appearance is May 17.

Anger can get the best of people sometimes and end up resulting in criminal charges. An attorney can provide information on how to fight assault charges, including what type of defense strategy could be used to mitigate the possible penalties. Even though the circumstances that surround some cases may be considered humorous by some people, the potential penalties for the defendants can be quite serious.

Source: The Denver Post, "Man accused of running down golfer with cart at Denver course, DA says," Jesse Paul, April 27, 2016

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