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2 arrested for allegedly possessing stolen items

On Behalf of | Aug 22, 2016 | Felonies |

Most people are aware that when someone doesn’t appear when he or she has a court date, a warrant is issued for his or her arrest. Depending on the type of crime the warrant was issued for, the person may be brought back from another state to answer to charges.

Police in Colorado Springs recently arrested two individuals after they were reportedly found unloading items stolen items from North Carolina into a storage unit at SecurCare Self Storage.

The pair, a man and a woman, were found unloading a rental truck with several items into the storage unit. The items were believed to have been stolen from Iredell County in North Carolina. The 31-year-old man and the 32-year-old female allegedly had possession of a large amount of cash, two stolen guns and two boxes of collectible coins.

Both the man and the woman had an outstanding, out-of-state warrant from North Carolina. Those warrants were what the two were arrested on and taken to the El Paso County jail.

When someone is arrested on an out-of-state warrant, it is up to the issuing agency as to whether the arrestee will be extradited back to the jail in the other state. An individual can fight extradition in an attempt to stay where they were arrested. However, this should be done with the help of an experienced attorney.

Some warrants may not be extraditable. For example, many misdemeanor warrants are not extraditable. Federal law actually governs when one state must extradite fugitives to other states. While the extradition process can be very frightening and confusing, it’s not something you have to go through by yourself. An attorney will ensure your rights are protected throughout the criminal process.

Source: The Gazette, “Colorado Springs police arrest pair stashing allegedly stolen goods into storage unit,” Chhun Sun, Aug. 18, 2016


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