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Three Colorado murder suspects captured in Illinois

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2016 | Felonies |

Three Colorado suspects were taken into custody in Illinois, and also accused of drugs and weapons crimes. Later, the same men were discovered to have an open murder warrant for their arrest in Fort Collins, Colorado. When police pulled the men over, they discovered that their car had been reported as stolen, and that a missing person (the murder victim) was the owner of the car.

Authorities also found drugs and weapons in the automobile, in addition to finding blood, which police suspect may have belonged to the murder victim. The three arrested men were all 20 years of age. Two of them are residents of Cincinnati, and the other is a resident of Fletcher, Ohio.

The charges faced by the men include aggravated and unlawful weapons use, cocaine possession and delivery of an amount weighing 100 to 400 grams and other drug charges. The victim the men are accused of murdering was 20-years-of age and a resident of Fort Collins. His body was discovered on Sept. 3 and two days later, police issued the warrants for the arrest of the three men.

The men were arraigned on a recent Wednesday. The judge presiding over their cases said that they will be sent back to Colorado soon. Also, after signing the waiver of extradition, the men got to have their weapons and drugs charges dropped.

In every criminal law case, no matter how serious the charges and no matter how strong the evidence against the accused, Colorado residents accused of crimes will have the ability to defend themselves against those accusations. Furthermore, the accused persons will be seen as innocent by the courts until — and only if — they are found to be guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in court.

Source: Denver Post, “Colorado murder suspects arrested in local traffic stop,” Brendan Denison, Sep. 07, 2016


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