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Colorado Springs sex crimes defense lawyers

Colorado Springs residents accused of sex crimes will be subjected to a lot of different police investigations. Every aspect of their lives will be laid bare before the court during their criminal proceedings. Indeed, the process of going through litigation for sex crimes can be frightening, humiliating and extremely difficult to endure.

Penalties for DUI's Colorado have gone up

Drivers who get pulled over and accused of drunk driving will now face the threat of stiffer penalties and costs than the did previously. According to certain estimates, those who are convicted of DUI in Colorado now face combined costs of approximately $13,530, which represents a 32 percent increase from figures from 2008 when average costs were about $10,270.

Driving errors can lead to DUI arrests

For many of those who are arrested on suspicion of a DUI, the traffic stop doesn't even start because they are impaired. It starts because of some other driving error that was made, giving the police a reason to pull the car over -- and, perhaps, probable cause to suspect that the driver is drunk. It's only after the stop is made that the officers realize alcohol really may be an issue.

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