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Have you considered how a DUI may affect your future?

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2017 | Firm News |

Perhaps you have earned your undergraduate degree and are going for your master’s. On the other hand, perhaps you are already a member of the working class or are looking forward to landing your first job.

What happens to your plans if you are convicted of driving under the influence? A DUI on your record can affect more areas of your life than you think. It could turn your future around — and not in a good way.

Running background checks

More people are interested in checking out your background these days. In the collegiate world, the rules differ from campus to campus, but some entrance applications will include questions about your criminal record. A DUI conviction may make it difficult for you to enter graduate school.

In addition, a blemish like this on your record can disqualify you from obtaining the certification or state licensing you need to pursue a career as a doctor, lawyer or teacher. If you want a job as a commercial driver, you will probably be out of luck because the number one requirement is a clean driving record.

Coping with a felony

Repeat offense turn misdemeanors into felonies. A felony can remain on your record permanently. Many employers do background checks on candidates, which could cost keep you from getting the job you want. Keep in mind that many nonprofits and volunteer organizations also run background checks and will see the conviction on a record as well.

Not a simple matter

In Colorado, the penalties for drinking and driving are stiff. You may think that a first offense for DUI is a simple matter. However, it is anything but. Don’t let a DUI mark on your record disrupt your future.


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