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5 punishments for domestic violence

On Behalf of | Nov 25, 2017 | Domestic Violence |

Domestic violence charges come with the threat of various punishments. Defendants need to be aware of these punishments as they could affect the choices that the defendants make when choosing the direction to take in their criminal defense proceedings.

Here are some of the most important punishments to keep in mind relating to domestic violence charges in Colorado:

Treatment programs: Judges in Colorado frequently order the completion of domestic violence treatment programs and/or psychological evaluations related to domestic violence. These are lesser punishments in lieu of prison time.

House arrest: Another alternative to prison time involves a home detention or house arrest that employs the use of an electronic monitor. However, this option is not applicable to situations in which the person convicted of domestic violence is still living with his or her alleged victim.

Probation: Probation allows a convicted person to be released from prison early, but a court will not award probation if the court perceives that the victim will be at risk of further abuse.

Gun prohibitions: Individuals convicted of domestic violence crimes in Colorado that are misdemeanors or can result in over a year in prison cannot possess or buy guns and ammunition. Similar restrictions apply to those subject a restraining order. The defendant can, however, sell or give away his or her firearms.

Were you accused of a domestic violence violation? It’s important that you learn about the potential punishments you could face in your case. Knowing the potential punishments will help you decide whether it’s more appropriate to defend against your charges or seek a plea deal by confessing to certain charges in exchange for a reduction in punishments.

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