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Experts claim summer increases domestic violence incidents

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Domestic Violence |

You can find yourself under arrest on domestic violence charges during any season, but experts claim that summer sees the most arrests, a notable increase in incidents. So, strictly going by the numbers, it is most likely that an arrest would happen in the next few months, as the summer gets underway.

Why does this happen? Experts point to three potential reasons:

  • It’s hotter in the summer. This can make people feel stressed out and uncomfortable, which could mean arguments are more likely to turn physical.
  • Children do not have school, so they are around more often. This can increase stress on parents, and it also means that kids are more likely to be impacted by domestic violence.
  • Alcohol use and abuse both increase in the summer due to longer days, vacations and summer parties. This could make violence more likely as people’s inhibitions are lowered.

One expert also noted that many families see the summer months as a chance to plan for the next fall. For instance, if one spouse is thinking about leaving with the kids, he or she may file for divorce or threaten to leave during the summer, hoping to have it all over with before the next school year begins. This way, he or she can plan for time with kids during the winter holidays and enroll them in the proper school system. Could this breakdown of relationships also lead to more alleged domestic violence?

If you find yourself facing serious charges this summer in Colorado, make sure you know about all of the legal options you have.

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