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Could wearable technology give you an alibi?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2018 | Criminal Defense |

Police accuse you of a crime. You have an alibi, but you do not have anyone to back it up. The authorities simply think you’re lying. How do you establish that you are telling the truth?

One way could be through wearable technology and smartphone apps.

For instance, maybe your phone records location data while you run to tell you how far and fast you ran. It also records the time. If you were out on a run when the crime happened, you can prove that you were not at the scene of the crime.

Location data is also used when you check into locations through social media. Maybe you went to a local bar and checked in so that your friends would know where you were. That information can help you in court.

Another example is a sleep tracking program, like those common on fitness trackers and smart watches. It helps you track your sleep patterns for health reasons. If the data shows that you were fast asleep at the time of the crime, no matter where you were, that helps demonstrate that you could not have committed that crime.

Data from these devices has been used in court in the past, and the amount of it that is available is only increasing. If you are accused of a crime, make sure that you understand all of your defense options. As you can see, it pays to think outside of the box and to look into all of the data you may have at your disposal to use in your defense.


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