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Driver faces DUI allegations after crashing into a new business

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2018 | Drunk Driving |

A man in Colorado has been accused of driving while intoxicated after he drove his car into a new business.

Pictures from the scene show a silver car sitting in the main lobby of a commercial space, with glass and bricks scattered all around. The lights are on and the company’s name — Re-Bath — can be seen behind the car. Debris is everywhere, with pieces of the building even lying on top of the vehicle.

According to police officers, someone claimed the man was a reckless driver and called it in to the department. They responded to the call and tried to pull the man over, but he did not stop. Instead, his car went out of control and slammed into the building, driving right inside it.

After the crash, the police say that the driver and a passenger got out of the wrecked car and attempted to run, but police simply caught them on foot. They say that the man is now facing DUI charges, along with some other traffic charges.

For the shop owner, the timing really sets the new company back. They had not even officially opened their doors yet, as their grand opening was planned for a little over a week after the date of the accident. They will now have to push that back to get things repaired, and the shop owner said they’re trying to figure out when it will be possible.

Those who are accused of drunk driving need to make sure they know all of their legal defense options, as a conviction carries serious ramifications and cannot be taken lightly.


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