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States that legalized marijuana see increase in car accidents

There has always been a debate on whether marijuana use affects a person's ability to drive. However, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) recently reported that the four states that legalized the use of recreational marijuana have experienced up to a 6 percent increase in motor vehicle crashes in recent years.

Understanding manslaughter charges

Not all deaths with the potential of criminal charges are intentional. In fact, many fatalities in Colorado and elsewhere can land a person with criminal penalties, despite the death being accidental or due to the “heat of passion.” People who are facing manslaughter charges for the death of another may face life-altering consequences, including heavy fines and a lengthy prison sentence. It is important to understand what exactly manslaughter entails.

How to avoid a fourth (felony) DUI during the holidays

If you already have three DUIs on your criminal record, you know the consequences can be detrimental. However, while you think you can handle them if law enforcement arrests you again, be careful. Under Colorado law, a fourth DUI conviction counts as a felony. A felony drunk driving charge can significantly impact your freedom and enjoyment of life. If you receive a fourth felony DUI conviction, jail time is mandatory. And your life and career could be adversely affected in numerous other ways.

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