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A study shows divorces peak in two specific months

A lot of contributing factors for divorce exist. Some common causes of marriages dissolving include financial woes, infidelity and a lack of communication. Also, did you know the time of year can play a role in divorce?

According to data from the University of Washington, there is a season for everything, including divorce. Here is what the study shows about the popular times for divorce filings.

March and August

While there are divorce filings year-round, there are two spikes in March and August. This is according to divorce data in Washington state from 2001 to 2015. The pattern is also present in other states, including Ohio, Florida, Minnesota and Arizona. There is a plateau between the two months with a drastic drop during the fall. This is actually the first quantitative proof of a biannual trend of divorce filings. In addition, online searches for "child custody" and "divorce" peak in March.

Waiting until after the holidays

One reason for this pattern is because it can be difficult to break up near holidays. Winter holidays are all about family togetherness, and the summer holidays are generally when families go on vacation. Most people do not want to ruin holiday celebrations. Plus, it can be stressful to figure out a divorce with so many activities taking place. 

Optimism cycle 

Another explanation is that people are optimistic for marriages to get better. This is especially true early in months like January, June and September. Many couples hope for a new beginning to occur during these times of the year. Festive celebrations and summer vacations may not bring as much change as people hope. 

Irreconcilable differences

A big trip or family celebration may leave spouses feeling discontent. Some realize their differences are too drastic after a getaway. The stresses of travel and holidays may only exacerbate marital dissatisfaction. You may feel the urge to end your marriage during these months.

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