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How parents should address the holidays after divorce

After parents in Colorado divorce, they will have to decide what they and their children will do for the holidays. This can be a difficult decision for an ex-spouse to make because their judgment could be clouded by emotions such as sadness, anger or betrayal. Since children may also be feeling some of these same emotions, the holiday season could be especially challenging.

However, it is essential that parents put those feelings aside and focus on their kids. A parent might want to talk to a counselor or just to family and friends to deal with their emotions. They should not try to hurt the other parent by preventing their children from visiting both households during the holidays. Instead, an ex should encourage their children to enjoy their time with the other parent.

To make the visitation process easier, parents should have a plan for the holidays. Knowing what to expect will significantly reduce the stress for children. When the children return from the other parent's home, they shouldn't be peppered with questions. They should be allowed to share as much as they want without judgmental comments. Parents also need to exercise patience. Eventually, everyone will adjust to the new traditions, but this will take time.

Sometimes, holidays and vacations are negotiated as part of the child custody agreement. If they are not, holiday decisions should be made well in advance. Attorneys can assist parents in negotiating all child custody arrangements. Often, parents prefer to avoid going to court since it can be more stressful, expensive and time-consuming. However, if one parent is uncooperative, litigation might be the only alternative.

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