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Making a plan for child custody

A growing number of divorced Colorado parents prefer joint custody, a solution that's also supported by many family courts. However, ironing out the details of a parenting plan can be challenging practically as well as emotionally difficult. Most parents want as much time with their children as possible, and it can be upsetting to consider splitting up time with the kids. However, a positive co-parenting experience can be important to supporting the children's emotional stability and development and helping them to adjust to the divorce.

What happens when you get accused of domestic violence?

Getting arrested for any crime is stressful and brings with it a certain amount of uncertainty. Depending on the accusation, you may get released, or you may have to sit in jail. Domestic violence is a charge that carries with it varying degrees of punishment mostly dependent on the facts of the case and your prior criminal history.

How do Colorado drug courts work?

In many cases, people who commit drug offenses do so as a result of addiction. Colorado law recognizes that, in such situations, treatment can be more effective than punishment in preventing future offenses.

What happens when wealthy couples divorce

Very wealthy people in Colorado who divorce may have to go through a particularly complicated process of property division. The divorce of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, is one example although there are some differences since Washington is a community property state.

What could happen at a sobriety checkpoint?

Sobriety checkpoints are just part of life in Colorado. These stops are legal and law enforcement uses them to reduce the amount of drinking and driving on our roads. You might wonder what a checkpoint entails, as well as what it means for you if an officer stops you at one.

Successfully handling retirement funds in a divorce

For couples who decide to divorce in Colorado and elsewhere around the country, retirement funds usually represent their largest assets. As a result, people may be especially concerned about how they will be divided, both for their future financial goals and avoiding unwanted and unnecessary taxes, penalties and other fees. If individuals do not follow the proper steps to divide their accounts, they could face substantial costs that could otherwise be avoided. These funds are already a contentious issue in many divorces. A survey of divorce lawyers found that retirement accounts, along with alimony and business interests, were one of the top three causes of conflict.

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