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What to know about supporting a child after a divorce

While parents are allowed to end their relationship with each other, it doesn't absolve them of their obligation to raise their children. However, there are generally no set rules when it comes to how to financially support a child. Like those in most states, judges in Colorado will create a support order based on state guidelines and facts related to a given case. It is important to note that an order can be changed if events warrant.

For instance, if a parent gets a raise, he or she may be asked to contribute more to the child's upbringing. If a child has special needs, it may be incumbent upon a parent to contribute whatever he or she can to help meet them. There are no tax consequences for those who make or receive child support payments. However, there may be tax issues to consider if both parents share custody of the child.

In the event that a child support payment is reduced, there may be a corresponding reduction in alimony payments. However, any order to reduce the amount of compensation a parent receives will only be done after considering how it may impact the child. Parents should understand that they may be upset regardless of how a support order is crafted or regardless of how it is altered in the future.

The end of a marriage may be an emotional situation for anyone to deal with. It is not uncommon for emotions to guide decision-making as it relates to settlement talks. It may also make it difficult to determine what a reasonable child support order looks like. However, an attorney may be able to review a case and help individuals make decisions based on state law and other objective criteria.

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