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Facts about domestic violence charges in Colorado

It is natural for people who live together as a couple to act out or allow tempers to flare occasionally, particularly when they are experiencing high levels of stress due to jobs, finances and other factors. Arguments that escalate may lead to a domestic disturbance call to the police. In fact, according to the most recent Colorado Springs Police Department Annual Statistical Report, officers responded to over 12,000 domestic disturbance calls.

Considerations for business owners when going through divorce

Getting a divorce can be a difficult process for most Colorado couples. For those who own businesses with their former spouses, dissolving the marriage can be even harder. There are generally two options: The former couple can continue running the business together, or one person can sell his or her interest in the business to the other person. To make this decision, there are several factors that former couples should consider.

Are drug courts effective?

When authorities in Colorado charge you with a drug-related crime, you may have concerns about potentially having to pay hefty fines and serve time behind bars, among other potential repercussions. While many of the state’s drug offenders do, in fact, wind up spending time in jail following convictions for drug-related crimes, some non-violent drug offenders are finding that they may be able to avoid jail time by instead enrolling in and completing a state drug court program.

Dealing with insurance matters during a divorce

Even a fairly amicable divorce can be stressful for Colorado couples. After all, there are many topics that need to be addressed as a marriage ends. One that often gets pushed to the back burner is insurance. Nonetheless, it's still important for divorcing spouses to be aware of how a change in marital status can affect insurance coverage.

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