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Month: September 2019

Understanding theft versus embezzlement

People work hard to obtain their property, assets and funds. Therefore, when another party takes those things away, it is a serious offense.Criminal charges for theft and embezzlement have some similarities, but they still stand as separate charges. For those...

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Halloween is not the night to drink and drive

Whether you love to trick-or-treat with your children or plan to attend a party with your friends, you are likely looking forward to October 31. After all, Halloween can be an unbelievable amount of fun for Coloradoans of any age. Still, if you plan to celebrate with...

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3 defense strategies in domestic violence cases

Facing charges of domestic violence can seem daunting, especially if you do not believe you should. In Colorado, there is a tendency for the police to believe one side of the story over the other and let the court sort out the rest.It is wise to understand that just...

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