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What are the penalties for Colorado’s felony DUI offenders?

Any conviction for driving under the influence of alcohol in Colorado has the potential to lead to some serious penalties. However, if authorities convict you of drunk driving for a fourth or subsequent time, you should anticipate an even harsher punishment. Nowadays, a fourth Colorado DUI constitutes a felony offense. In many cases, this means jail time, among other potential and serious repercussions.

If a court sentences you to probation after your felony DUI conviction, expect to have to comply with other specific conditions.

Possible conditions of probation

Under the circumstances outlined above, you should expect to have to serve somewhere between 90 and 180 days in a Colorado county jail. Unlike some other prisoners, though, you are not going to be eligible for early release based on good behavior during the first 90 days. Depending on the details surrounding your conviction and history, you may be able to serve between 120 days and two years in county jail through participating in an alternative type of sentencing. However, this depends on the availability of alternative programs in the area where you receive your conviction. Similarly, you are not going to be eligible for early release during those first 120 days served.

Other repercussions

If a Colorado court sentences you to probation following your felony DUI, you should also anticipate some additional repercussions. You are going to have to log between 48 and 120 hours of community service, for starters. You are also going to have to undergo a substance abuse safety or treatment program at your own expense, among other possible penalties.

While these are some of the notable penalties that come with being a Colorado felony DUI offender, other repercussions may also come with having a felony conviction of any type. Once you have a felony, you may also face restrictions regarding voting, owning a firearm, traveling outside of the United States and so on.

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