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You need legal protection anytime the police interrogate you

On Behalf of | May 7, 2020 | Criminal Defense |

We will begin this blog post with a fictional scenario. A person has been burglarizing and damaging property in your area. Through witness identification or some other means, the authorities believe you are the prime suspect. They bring you to the police station for interrogation.

Should you go ahead and answer the questions posed to you or should you ask for an attorney? Our lawyers believe that it is in your absolute best interests to wait for an attorney if the authorities want to interrogate you.

Unfortunately, many interrogation subjects in Colorado Springs waive their right to “remain silent” during formal or even informal police questioning. Perhaps these subjects feel that holding out for a lawyer will make them look guilty. Or, perhaps they are innocent and therefore have no need for attorney protection. Whatever the reason, submitting to interrogation without a lawyer is risky regardless of guilt or innocence.

Think about the objectives shared by law enforcement personnel. They want to find the person responsible for the rash of criminal activity. They want to get this alleged offender off the streets so that the community feels safe and well-protected.

While these are admirable objectives, you should always remember that police officers and detectives are just as human as we are. This means they can make mistakes and they can let their eagerness to solve a case interfere with their best judgment.

Asking for a criminal defense lawyer before answering any questions ensures that you remain protected from harsh interrogation tactics. Even the most unassailable individual can fall prey to the allure of providing a false confession just so they can end the interrogation.

Those facing an interrogation have the right to legal protection whether they are innocent or not. Preserving this right and seeking lawyer guidance is your first and arguably most important step in preserving your freedom. Please continue browsing our website for more about criminal defense.


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