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Revenge porn can cost you in more ways than one

Romantic entanglements can be full of ups and downs -- and not every relationship ends on a positive note. In a moment of emotional upheaval following a breakup, you may be very tempted to lash out at your ex in some way, particularly if you're feeling betrayed. Maybe it occurs to you to put that sexually-explicit video you found on their phone on full blast to their relatives. Or, maybe you have a few nude photos of your ex on your phone and are thinking of sharing them with their boss.

Date rape drugs can mimic alcohol and lead to a DUI

There are many situations in which a person's drink could be tampered with. For example, if you even turn your back for a second at a local bar, someone could slip Rohypnol or other drugs into your drink. If you're out with friends, someone might think they're being funny by slipping a sleeping aid into your drink.

You're being offered a deal by the prosecutor: Why?

You've been charged with a rather serious criminal offense -- and the prosecutor talked about "throwing the book" at you. You're naturally surprised, then, when you're suddenly offered a plea deal that seems much better than the sentence you expected to receive if you lost your case at trial.

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